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Thursday April 24

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Uniform Dress
Hot Lunch - Grilled Cheese
Last Week for Open Registration
Softball vs. McLoughlin - 4pm @ SJS
Baseball vs. St. Patrick's - 4pm @ SJS

Last Week for 2014-2015 Open Registration

Registration for the 2014-2015 school year is now open to ANYONE, including those outside the parish. Registration packets are available for download for new and returning students. Scholarships are available. Please read through the material and pay special attention to the following dates:

  • March 9 - Open registration for anyone, including outside the parishes
  • March 28 - Registration fee increases $50 per child
  • April 25 - Open registration closes. All registrations after this date require an individual meeting with Mr. Seidel to determine eligibility for enrollment.
  • September 21 - Last Day for 1.5% Paid in Full Rebate

Please be conscious of the timeline as staffing is dependent on expected class sizes. Thanks!

New Downloads - 4/17

New downloads are available now:

Scrip News

Scrip has just gotten easier! Already an easy way to support to our school, Scrip can now be purchased online! Just follow these directions. Payment can be made by bank draft or credit card. Please note that credit card purchases are worse for the school - they REDUCE the school's portion by 3%.

Each scrip card gives a percentage back to our school. They're just like gift cards that can be used for everyday things like gas, groceries, or clothing. An updated scrip order form is available for download. Support the school with scrip today!

Parking Lot Reminders

Please remember, as you are dropping off and picking up your student(s), that the spaces marked "Reserved for Art & Wine Auction Winner" are, in fact, reserved. The winners attended last year's Art & Wine auction and purchased the opportunity to use those very convenient parking spaces. Please do not park in these spaces, even for "just a quick minute". If you would like the chance to use one of these highly coveted parking spaces, be sure to get your tickets to this year's Art & Wine Auction, where they will be sold to the highest bidder!

On a safety note, please be sure that you are driving slowly and carefully through both the school and church parking lots. Our parking lots can be very busy places, so please always be vigilant and careful.

St. Joseph's Spirit Wear

Are you looking for a great gift idea for the SJS Mustang or Mustang fan in your life? Make sure you check out the Mustang Athletic Shop online at: https://ssastores.com/store/st-joseph-mustangs. You can customize your very own SJS Mustang apparel and gifts. What a fun way to support SJS and show your school pride! Best of all, they give 20% of your purchase right back to the school!!

*Please note that Mustang apparel is approved for PE and fan wear attire, but is not a part of regular uniform attire.